Call of Duty 3

  1. Read this game review at Wikipedia:
  2. Read up on British/Canadian, German small arms including German mortars. [Source??]
  3. Read about section level tactics including trench clearing and house clearing. [Source??}
  4. Read the appropriate section from Cinderella Army by Terry Copp
  5. Read the appropriate section from CP Stacey The Victory Campaign
  6. Play the Game.[Instructor has a XBox 360 copy]
    • If playing on the XBox, go to the Laison River Chapter and ?? chapter. Go to the Chapter Menu click left arrow twice, right arrow twice, then X twice. This unlocks the chapters and you can move directly to the Laison River Chapter
    • Note: you should not have to play more than 2 hours per Canadian Chapter to be able to critic the video game.
  7. While playing the game, think about the video game assessment guide and the readings.
  8. Complete the assessment guide [Add link when Assessment guide is complete]
  9. Write the essay of how the game compares to your readings and what you got from the game. What readings proved most useful for what reasons.