Assignment 2.1 and 4.1 Concept Map

Concept Map 5% each time (Due Friday 5 February and Thursday 8 April)

This course requires you to use a concept map to capture and express relationships between ideas. Concept maps are an opportunity to relate ideas and concepts and demonstrate connections that are often not noticed in more linear instructional processes. Throughout the course, you will be asked to take the key ideas discussed each week and detail how the concepts are connected. You may find that you only add a handful of items per week, or you may find that you get quite detailed in expressing conceptual relationships and add dozens (or more) items. Here are two examples:
Simple one:

Complicated one: Canadian_Political_System_-_What_is_the_basis_of_the_Canadian_Political_System.png

Tools: You can create your concept map by downloading CMAP (free tool). Throughout the course you will be asked to export (with CMAPs or other visual software) your concept map and post in the discussion forum for feedback. This website also explains how to create Concept Maps and gives several examples.

Here is the CMAP long article explaining Concept Maps: The Theory Underlying Concept Maps and How to Construct and Use Them

Here are some simple steps: Constructing Good Concept Maps


Generate the file as a PDF, PNG, JPEG, GIF graphic (this is in the Export feature). You can post this in the Discussion Forum for others to view and comment on.

Assessment: Concept maps will marked based on their thoroughness in reflecting key course topics, while demonstrating critical thought (pruning) by not including all elements. A concept map should show complex relationships between topics covered, but should also reflect decisions made by the learner. For example, a concept map should not merely be a listing of all the topics reviewed in the course. Creating a Concept Map involves making decisions about important elements and deciding which elements NOT to include. Concept Maps should communicate how you view the conceptual relationships of the course.
Post your concept map in the Discussion Forum for this Assignment and then view one other students concept map and make a comment.