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Brief Biography

Work - Innovatia - Information Architect

I am an information architect for Innovatia, Inc. where I conduct Information Management and Document Life cyle needs and gap analysis (Link). I provide strategic recommendations for intranets, public websites, e-Learning, technical documentation, and general authoring activities. I have led efforts in content management selection and testing (usability and pilot test case operational implementations). I am conversant in DITA XML for both technical publications and e-Learning authoring as well as several other proprietary XML languages. I have created several ontologies in RDF and OWL languages for semantic text mining. I have previously been a technical writer and an instructional designer.

Work - Royal Military College of Canada - Lecturer

My other career spanned 10 years in the Canadian Armed Forces as an Armoured officer where I did a lot of instructor led training in tactics and weapons. I still teach for the Royal Military College of Canada as a lecturer in political science, history, and Defence Management:
  • POE206 Canadian Civics
  • HIE208 Canadian military history from Confederation to the present
  • HIE 275/475 Technology and Warfare
  • HIE270 An Introduction to Military History

  • HIE380 Peacekeeping and Peacemaking

  • DCE001 Canadian Defence Management
For more details of my work history, see my My LinkedIn Profile

Education Background

I have an undergraduate degree in International Relations from the University of Windsor (1992), a Masters of Warfare Studies from the Royal Military College of Canada (1997) and a Master's of History (Atlantic Canada) from the University of New Brunswick 1999 (Thesis). I have completed 4 courses in a Masters of Adult Education from the University of New Brunswick.
My current research interests are in the Battle of the Petitcodiac, Sept 4, 1755, and early settlement of Hopewell Parish, New Brunswick. See my Profile for more research interests.

Current Interests

I am member of the:
I do peer reviews on articles for the Journal of Online Learning and Teaching
I am also active local school governance.
I also volunteer time to redesign websites. (See below)
I race road bicycles.

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