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Location of Class:

Wed 6-9 PM CFB Gagetown, J-7, Rm ?? (TBD week of Dec 14-18) I will sign in the whole class.

Course Description:

HIE 208 is a Officer Professional Military Education (OPME) course designed to provide students with a general overview and understanding of the history of Canada’s military since Confederation. It addresses a number of themes, including the development of a professional military in Canada, the changing role and training of officers, the impact of changes in military doctrine on operations and war fighting, and Canadian participation in joint and combined operations. Moreover, the course situates military developments in the wider social and political context in Canada and elsewhere.

This online course is divided into four modules:
Module 1: The Origins Of Canada’s Military
Module 2: From The Boer War To The Great War
Module 3: The Second World War
Module 4: The Cold War and After

Each module requires students to complete discussions, and individual work. Please see [[#_Assignments|Assignments]] in this outline for detailed information on assessments.

Course Materials

If you have not received your course package (CDROM, version 3.0) by the course start date, please contact a counsellor at 1-800-721-3901 or 1-613-541-6000, ext. 6940.

  • HIE 208 Course Manual
  • HIE 208 Course Notes
  • Online OPME Student Guide

Hard copy:

  • Francis, R. Douglas, Richard Jones, Donald B. Smith. Destinies: Canadian History Since Confederation. Sixth Edition. Toronto: Nelson Education, 2008.
  • Morton, Desmond. A Military History of Canada. Fifth Edition. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 2007.
  • Keshen, Jeffrey A., Serge Marc Durflinger. War and Society in Post-Confederation Canada. Toronto: Thomson Nelson, 2007.
  • HIE 208 Course Reader

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