Joining Instructions: Welcome to HIE208 Winter 2009 CFB Gagetwon

I am your instructor, Bradley Shoebottom.

Please acknowledge that you are still taking course by emailing me at, to confirm you still want to take the course and that this email is your preferred email.
If you do not intend on completing this course, still send me an email and complete a withdrawal form located at: Fax the form to RMC-Division of Continuing Studies at 613-540-8075


This course will be administered through DNDLearn, the CF online learning management system.

What do you Use this Wiki For?

This wiki has the Course Outline, Assignment File, Due Dates and Additional Resources.
You can keep aware of changes in this Wiki by Clicking the "Notify Me" tab at the top of the page and entering you email.

Class Location:

The live Classroom location will be at J-10 (Engineer School), Rm D127
Wednesdays 6-9 PM beginning 13 January 2010
Please have ID present to sign in at Commissionaires Class. Arrive 10 minutes early to J-7 due to signing in and walking to room.

DNDLearn Username and Password

You will need a user name and password to log on. If you do not have this yet (1 week prior to class start), contact:, 1-888-486-4743 , Fax at 1-613-995-7826

Once you are logged on, you should see a page like this:

In the MyCourses section, click on:

  • 10AR-B HIE208 Gagetown Shoebottom Stn 1

The screen in the next section below will appear.

What do you use DNDLearn for?

You need to log on to DNDLearn to:
  • access the access Content (Course Notes, Online Text books),
  • access administrative instructions (Course Manual)/contact info,
  • access the Discussion group
  • submit your assignments
  • and check your Grades.

There is also a Chat Feature and Email feature to ask me or others one-on-one questions.

Ensure all the Links entitled Course Home, Content, Discussion, Grades, Classlist, Email, Chat appear. If they do not, you need to enable JavaScript in your Internet Browser, Tools > Internet Options. Internet Explorer often needs this turned on especially for DWAN computers. If you are running Mozilla Firefox, this is turned on automatically.

All of these main activities are in the top level navigation under the OPME Logo on DNDLearn.

Must Do On Day One (January 4 when DNDLearn opens)

Under Content in the Navigation, read the Course Manual and Course Assignments File documents. Note you will need to work on this course for 9-12 hours per week on average (this included class time). If you do not have the time, then you need negotiate more work day time from your superior or withdraw from the course. (See Withdrawal instructions above). Suggestions for being creative with your time include:
  • Use you lunch hour
  • Print off some of the readings an complete readings in the field, on the plane, or while commuting (don't read and drive :-))
  • If you have some known "quiet days" get a head start on on a future assignment

Using the information in the Assignment file, create a calendar of reminders in Outlook so you do not miss any deadlines. See Assignment File.
Your contact information Please update you personal contact info on the My Profile portion of the website. When you email me, please email using your email or civvy email address. The DNDLearn email system only allows you the student to send an email and not receive them back. If you send email using DNDLearn, I have to look up your email address on DNDLearn before I can email back.

Contacting me:

See the Instructor Information part of this Website


Please read the section on plagiarism in the Course Assignment File to protect yourself against potentially not citing your sources sufficiently. Good luck.

Bradley Shoebottom
RMC Lecturer, POE 206