Suggested Media for Assignment 4.1

Students and other instructors are encouraged to contribute to this list.

Board and Video Games

World War One

World War Two games

  • Battle of Britain (see Blazing Angels)
  • RAF Bomber Command (need one)
  • U-boat game (need one)
  • Aircraft carrier game (need one)
  • Reviews
  • Call of Duty 3 [Advance to Caen, World War Two] Click the game title link to read instructions specific to playing this game and completing the assignment.
  • Battlefield 1942: Road to Rome, release 1.6

Post WW2

As a substitute for Afghanistan, I think there is a video game related to Blackhawk down. Call of Duty 4 is good Cold War stuff too.
I am wiling to consider Service Games i.e. Janus, if the student then compares it to the written record i.e. Sean Maloney’s “War Without Battles”


War Museum Library:
National Film Board library
Brad Pitt WW1 Movie (shows scalping)
The Dawn Patrol (WW1 aerial combat) (1939)
All Quiet on the Western Front (1930 German view)
Dieppe, (1993)
Passchendaele(2008) (Sexual Scenes)
Valour and Horror (1992)
Paratroopers - The Canadian Story (2009)
Shake hands with the Devil (1997)
SHAKE HANDS WITH THE DEVIL: The Journey of Roméo Dallaire (2004)
  • If watching Shake hands with the Devil, also wathc the Documentary and read the book of the same title. Then compare the 3.
The Peacekeepers (2005)
Blue Helmets: Peace and Dishonour (2007)
Canada's War in Colour: Rumours of War (2005)
World War II: Canada at War (7pc) [VHS]
49th Parallel (1941)
The Devil' Brigade (1968)
Captains of the Clouds (1942)
D-Day: 6th of June
Corvette K-225 (1943)
1944 in Review (1943) Canadian Army Newsreel. This newsreel reviews Canadian accomplishments in the year 1944, including the Italian campaign.(Runs 11:13)
The Capture of Dieppe Canadian soldiers parade through Dieppe in 1944.
Juno Beach Landing video
Canadian Paratroopers on D-Day Two veterans remember parachuting in behind enemy lines. (TV; runs 4:46) CBC Archives.
Crusaide For Liberation Cruisade for Liberation! from Canadian Army Newsreel 33, June 1944, 6 min 16 s. National Archives of Canada.
Scheldt-Mouth Housecleaning Video Scheldt-Mouth Housecleaning, from Canadian Army Newsreel nr.46, November 1944, 3 min 21 s. National Archives of Canada.
Left of the Line advance! "Left of the Line" Advance, from Canadian Army Newsreel 69, April 1945, 3 min 19 s. National Archives of Canada.
Ortona Video Battle of Ortona, from Canadian Army Newsreel 24, 1944, 7 min 15 s. National Archives of Canada
Seaforths honour their dead Canadian Army Newsreel. The Seaforth Highlanders hold a service honouring their dead after the battle of Ortona. (Runs 1:17)
Allies take Sicily After three years of waiting, Canadian troops land unopposed. (TV; runs 8:32) CBC Archives stream.
Canadian and German veterans return to Ortona David Halton, son of Matthew Halton, and a group of Canadian veterans write the final chapter in the Battle of Ortona. (TV; runs 25:49)
Battle of San Leonardo Canadian Army Newsreel. Canadian troops lead the attack on San Leonardo. (Runs 1:58)
Lamone River Action Canadian Army Newsreel. The First Canadian Corps makes a daring crossing of the Lamone River in face of German counterattacks.(Runs 2:13)
On the Road to Rome Canadian soldiers advance on Campobasso, one of the first steps on the road to Rome.(Runs 3:05)
Caen Caen, from Canadian Army Newsreel 36, July 1944, 4 min 3 s. National Archives of Canada.
Caen 2 Canadian soldiers fight in the rubble of Caen; from The True Glory (1945), a documentary by the U.S. Office of War Information and the British Ministry of Information
True Patriot Love - Canada's War Stories
Murder In Normandy:
Combat School:


First World War

Generals Die in Bed by Charles Yale Harrison
The Bartholmew Bandy series by Jack Fraser (Any book focusing on the WW1 part of the series)
Michael Goodspeed, Three to a Loaf

Second World War

Joy Kogawa's Obasan (about Canada's deportation and internment of its citizens of Japanese descent during World War II)

Korean War

Herbert Fairlie Wood's The Private War of Jacket Coates.

Cold War

Kenneth Macclsey, First Clash